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Types and bases of practices

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Internship databases: Belgorod State National Research University (Belgorod), Novosibirsk State Agrarian University (Novosibirsk), Samara State Agrarian University (Samara), All-Russian Research Institute of Oilseeds named after V. S. Pustovoit (Krasnodar).

Research areas

The Department of Agronomy performs contractual work on the topic "Ecological testing of spring soft wheat varieties of DGP" Institute of Plant Biology and Biotechnology "in the conditions of Kostanay region". Performers: Akhmet A. Z., candidate of agricultural Sciences, zharlygasov, K. S.-agricultural Sciences, Klimov N. E. K. S.-agricultural Sciences.

  • Scientists of the department actively participate in the implementation of the initiative theme "Development of innovative technologies for cultivation of agricultural crops in the steppe zone of Northern Kazakhstan". This scientific work is carried out in the following areas:
  • Potato breeding in Northern Kazakhstan. Performer: Akhmet A. Z., Candidate of Agricultural Sciences; expected results-to develop potato varieties that provide an increase in tuber productivity by 20-25%, with increased resistance to diseases and pests.
  • Creation of a system of virus-free potato seed production in the Kostanay region.Performer: Ekaterinskaya E. M., PhD, Expected results:Abbreviated scheme of reproduction of potato seed material on a virus-free basis using modern methods of biotechnology and thermotherapy.Increase in the yield of cardstock by 20-25%.
  • Improvement of the system of seed production of perennial grasses and legumes for seeds in the conditions of the 2nd zone of Kostanay region. Performer: Orazbayev K. Sh., K. S.-H. N.; expected results-to increase the yield of alfalfa seeds by 10-15%, wheat grass by 15-20 %, esparcet by 20-25 %.
  • The scientific basis of biological function of field rotations in the subzone of southern black soil in Kostanai region. Performer: Shilov M. P., Candidate of Agricultural Sciences; expected results-to identify the set and alternation of grain and oilseeds in crop rotations on the principle of fruit exchange against the background of modern agricultural technologies of cultivation.
  • Soil fertility and productivity of grain crops with zero and minimal processing technology of chernozems of the southern Kostanay region. Executor:Shilov M. P., K. S.-H. N.; expected results-to determine the parameters of fertility of southern chernozems and their change under the influence of No-Till and Mini-Till.
  • Integrated ways to protect grain and vegetable crops in Northern Kazakhstan. Performer: Shilova N. I., senior lecturer. Expected results-to develop a system of integrated protection of agricultural crops, which increases the yield of agricultural crops by 25-40 %.
  • Test fertilizers of new generation in conditions of LLP "Kostanay agricultural research Institute". Performers: Kalimov N. E., Zharlygasov Zh. B.
Expected results-to develop a method of feeding spring wheat that increases the yield and quality of spring wheat grain.
  • Development of technology elements for the production of environmentally friendly grain in Kostanay region. Artist: Kasyanov P. F., Candidate of Biological Sciences

Expected results:due to the use of a tank mixture with ozonofol, reduce the consumption of herbicide by 20%. The introduction of these elements in the technological process of cultivation of spring wheat will significantly reduce the cost of its production and will allow you to get a significant increase in yield, while maintaining the ecological component of the agrocenosis.

Teachers of the department annually publish at least 25 articles in scientific journals and collections of international scientific and practical conferences.

NIRS of students

The department actively conducts research work of students.

The department has a scientific circle "Agronomy", which includes six scientific and problem groups: "Agrochemistry", "Agrochemistry", "Plant protection", "Fruit and vegetable growing"," Agriculture","Selection and seed production". Students of the clubs annually participate in national and foreign scientific conferences, Olympiads, republican competitions, and business projects.