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Aubakirov Kuantay
Professor KRU Position
Doctor of agricultural Sciences Scientific degree
Professor Аcademic status Email address
Education, professional qualifications
  • 1960-1965. Kazakh state agricultural Institute (Almaty) - scientist agronomist field breeder, specialization Selection and seed production of field crops
  • 1968-1971 he was a graduate of the Kazakh scientific research Institute of agriculture(Almaty)
  • 1971-PhD thesis defense - specialty Selection and seed production.
  • 2005 defense of the doctoral dissertation in the specialty 06.01.09-crop Production
Teaching disciplines
  • Honoured small green resurslari
  • Zhana Zhane perspectively small green scar
  • Feed resources of Kazakhstan
Work experience
  • 1965 – 1968 Junior researcher state selection and Karabalyk experimental station Kustanaiskaya region
  • 1971-1979 Junior employee of KAZ. Research Institute of grassland management (Almaty)
  • 1979 head of the Department of improvement and use of meadows Kazniilph
  • 1994-2002 leading researcher at the research Institute of plant physiology, genetics and bioengineering of the national Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • since 2002, associate Professor of the Department of General agriculture and crop production, Kazakh national agrarian University
  • 2015-2020 Professor of the Department of agronomy of the KSU named after A. Baitursynov
Certificates/certificates of professional development with the date or professional registration (according to the profile of educational programs and taught disciplines).(great if you attach a photo of the certificates themselves)
  • 2017 advanced training Courses on "Innovative technology of oilseeds cultivation". (KAZ. national agrarian University. Professional development center-Almaty). February 18
  • 2017 Seminar "Technology of cultivation of agricultural crops-sunflower, soy, corn, rapeseed, flax, cereals". November 23-24, LLP Kostanay agricultural research Institute, "German agrarian center", certificate
  • All-Russian scientific and practical conference with international participation topic: plant Breeding: past, present and future (Russia, Belgorod research University)
Membership in professional organizations.
  • Member of the dissertation Council for the defense of PhD and PhD theses at the Kazakh national agrarian University
The most important publications, publications, books for the last five years.
  • I don't know," he said.
  • Aubakirov K., Akhmet A. Z., Orazbayev K. sh. Feed resources of the Kostanay region of Kazakhstan: A textbook.- Almaty: ALMANAX. - 2017. -184 p.
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  • Aubakirov K., Ahmed, A. Z., K. S. Orazbayev Small Asian ndru trzeba sabatera: Excellent oraly Almaty: Almanac, 2017. – 240 Beth
  • K. Aubakirov, S. Orazbayev K., Zholamanov, K. K. Reserves the increase the production of fodder plant protein: a Training manual.- Almaty: - 2020. -194 p.
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