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Orazbayev Kasymjan Shahmetovich
Candidate of agricultural Sciences Position
Professor Academic degree
Education, professional qualifications 
  • In 1958, he received a diploma from the Kazakhstan technical school of mechanization and electrification of agriculture
  • 1968-faculty of agronomy of Kurgan agricultural Institute* 1994-1996 Kostanay state University, specialty "Professional training", qualification " Engineer-teacher
  • 1970-1975g postgraduate study of the Kazakh Institute of agriculture named after V. R. Williams 
 Work experience
  • 1970-1987 assistant, associate Professor of the Department of crop production of the Kustanai branch of the Tselinograd agricultural Institute, Kustanai agricultural Institute
  • 1987-1993 senior researcher, head of the laboratory of field crop cultivation technology Kustanai research Institute of agriculture (Zarechny village, Kustanai district
  • 1993 head of the Department of feed production and botany, Kustanai agricultural Institute
  • 1994 head of the Department of crop production and selection, Kustanai agricultural Institute
  • 2000-2006 Professor, head of the Department of crop production and selection
  • 2007-2020 Professor of the Department of agronomy of the KSU named after A. Baitursynov
Certificates / certificates of professional development with the date or professional registration (according to the profile of educational programs and taught disciplines).
  • Courses taught
  • Fodder production
  • Introduction to agronomy
  • Plant growing
 Work experience    
  • 1978-1982-teacher of the Department of crop production·       
  • 1983-1991 Vice-rector for research·       
  • 1991-2005-Deputy Director for science at niish·       
  • 2005-lecturer at the Department of agronomy·       
  • 2008-2020 Professor of the A. Baitursynov KRU 
Certificates/certificates of professional development with an indication of the date or professional registration (according to the profile of educational programs and disciplines taught). (great if you attach a photo of the certificates themselves)    
  • 2017 Seminar "Technology of cultivation of agricultural crops-sunflower, soy, corn, rapeseed, flax, cereals". November 23-24, LLP Kostanay agricultural research Institute, "German agrarian center", certificate
  • 2018 Advanced classification courses in the program "Ecologization and information support of plant protection" (with the involvement of a foreign lecturer. Belgorod state research Institute) 5. Awards and prizes.
  • 1958-medal "for the development of virgin and fallow lands
  • 1987-medal for long-term conscientious work
  • 2016 - medal " Enbek ardageri»
  • 2016-the badge "Honorary employee of the KSU named after A. Baitursynov" for success in labor, educational and administrative activities, merits in training and improving the pedagogical and scientific qualifications of scientific and pedagogical personnel was awarded     
  • In 2008, the Academic Council of Kostanay state University named after A. Baitursynov awarded the academic title " Professor of the Department of agronomy»
  • For many years of conscientious work was repeatedly encouraged with letters of gratitude, valuable gifts and diplomas of MES RK, regional, and University leaders         
The most important publications, publications, books for the last five years.
  •  Aubakirov K., Akhmet A. Z., Orazbayev K. sh. Feed resources of the Kostanay region of Kazakhstan: A textbook.- Almaty: ALMANAX. - 2017. -184 p.
  • K. Aubakirov, Akhmet A. Z., Orazbayev K. S. Jahanara small green Scar: Oculi Almaty: Almanac, 2017. – 428 Beth
  • Aubakirov K., Ahmed, A. Z., K. S. Orazbayev Small Asian ndru trzeba sabatera: Excellent oraly Almaty: Almanac, 2017. – 240 Beth
  • K. Aubakirov, S. Orazbayev K., Zholamanov, K. K. Reserves the increase the production of fodder plant protein: a Training manual.- Almaty: - 2020. -194 p.
  • K. Aubakirov, S. Orazbayev K., Soltustik Kazakhstan DND Daalder ill satou Technologien Seru workshops, 2016, 1.5 p L. 7. A brief list of new professional and experimental design developments, authorship or co-authorship in scientific or experimental design developments.International project
  • Co-author of "sunflower and oilseed flax Varieties" 1995-2005