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Non-profit limited company "A.Baitursynov Kostanay Regional University"
Scientific internships of masters and doctors PhD
  • Moscow Veterinary Academy named after K.I. Scriabin
  • Institute of Experimental Veterinary Medicine of Siberia and the Far East, Krasnoobsk, Novosibirsk Region
  • All-Russian Institute of Experimental Veterinary Medicine, Moscow
  • South Ural State Agrarian University, Troitsk
  • Kazakh National Agrarian University, Almaty
  • Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Kaunas
Educational and scientific laboratories

Training sessions are carried out with the help of planned trips to farms and laboratories of the corresponding profile. The department has the necessary auditing fund. There is a parasitological museum, the equipment of which allows you to conduct classes at a high professional level. Classroom classes at the department are conducted by leading professors, associate professors and teachers.

Scientific directions

The scientific activity of the Department of Veterinary Medicine is carried out under the guidance of professors Tegza A.A., Mustafin M.K., within the framework of the cathedral theme "Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of agricultural animals and birds of various etiologies" (registration number at CSTI 0113РКОО186), taking into account the latest technologies. One of the most important scientific areas is the conclusion of agreements on international cooperation with universities in Germany (Leipzig, 2011), Lithuania (Kaunas, 2012), Russia (St. Petersburg, Tyumen 2011).

The faculty of the department takes an active part in competitions for grant funding.

Employees of the Department of Veterinary Medicine won 6 projects in a competition for grant funding for scientific research for 2015-2020 years:
  • Ryshanova R. M., Professor, PhD
  • "Development of an IFA test system for the determination of trenbolone in livestock products";
  • Ryshchanova R. M., Professor, PhD
  • “Study of real and potential sources of pain in various animal species and development of a strategy for the use of analgesic drugs”.
  • Ryshchanova R.M., Professor, PhD "Development of an IFA test system for determining trenbolone in livestock products."
  • Ryshchanova R.M., Professor, PhD "Monitoring antibiotic resistance of the pathogens of enteropathogenic zooanthroponous diseases of the Northern region of Kazakhstan."
  • Aubakirov M.Zh., Candidate of Veterinary Science, the Associate Professor, PhD
Under the guidance of Professor, Doctor of Veterinary Sciences Tegza A.A., research is carried out on the following topics:
  • Tegza A.A., H.-A. Shoon - Die morphologischen Ursachen der Gebärmutterschleimhaut pathologie bei den Kühen (Leipzig, Germany);
  • Tegza A.A., H.-A. Shoon - Die projection-anatomische Gründlagen der Behandlung von Klauenfaule beim Schaf;
  • Tegza A.A., Anyulene A. Morphological aspects of infertility in cows. (Kaunas, Lithuania);
  • Tegza A.A. "Comprehensive program for the diagnosis of diseases of animals and birds";
  • Tegza A.A. "Morphological aspects of the breeding organs of cows in violation of reproductive function";
  • Tegza A.A. "Projection and anatomical justification of methods of treating ungulate rot in sheep";
  • Tegza A.A. "Morphological aspects of the pathogenesis of gastrophylesis in horses".
  • scientific and technical program "Scientific Ensuring Veterinary Wellbeing and Food Safety" for 2018-2020.
  • Tegza A.A., Professor, Doctor of Veterinary Science, "Improving the effectiveness of breeding methods in cattle breeding" on the project: "Developing effective breeding methods in the dairy cattle breeding industry" on the event: "Increasing the reproducibility of dairy cows in the Kostanay region" for 2018-2020 years.
And research is also carried out on 4 initiative topics.
  • Aubakirov M.Z., PhD - Development of an integrated system for the protection of animals and birds from zoophilic flies in farms and livestock pastures of the Kostanay region STC No. 4/270 dated 29.04 2014;
  • Selunskaya L. S., Associate Professor - Development of a set of measures on the main problems of reproduction of agricultural animals;
  • Sapa V.A., Senior Teacher, Candidate of Veterinary Science - Improvement of techniques and methods for monitoring the prediction of the epizootological situation in brucellosis, tuberculosis, leukemia, chlamydia, rabies and other infectious diseases;
  • 4 Kulpiisova A.A., Senior Teacher, Candidate of Veterinary Science - Isolation of strains of lactic acid bacteria, creation of a consortium, study of their immunobiological properties;

Scientists of the department actively take part in scientific, practical and methodological conferences of various levels, including international ones, which are widely covered in scientific publications.

Undergraduate and PhD students of the department take scientific internships in:
  • K.I.Skriabin Moscow Veterinary Academy; (Moscow, Russia);
  • Institute of Experimental Veterinary Science of Siberia and the Far East; (Krasnoobsk, Russia);
  • All-Russian Institute of Experimental Veterinary Science; (Moscow, Russia);
  • Kazakh National Agrarian University (Almaty);
  • Kazakh Agrotechnical University named after Seyfullin; (Astana);
  • West Kazakhstan State University; (Uralsk);
  • Ural State Academy of Veterinary Medicine (Troitsk, Russia);
  • Latvian Agricultural University (Vilnius, Latvia);
  • Lithuanian University of Health Sciences; (Kaunass, Lithuania);
  • University of Leipzig (Germany);
  • St. Petersburg State Academy of Veterinary Medicine; (St. Petersburg, Russia).

The results of the research of teachers of the Department of Veterinary Medicine are reflected in textbooks for veterinary universities and faculties, practical manuals, a veterinary encyclopedia, as well as in numerous instructions and recommendations for practitioners.